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Celtic Sleeping Beauty
Part I The Gifts
celtic sleeping beauty part I

Celtic Artist: Angela Dawn MacKay

Medium: Digital art

Description: The first of four pieces depicting a Celtic version of the Brothers Grimm's Sleeping Beauty, also known as Little Briar Rose. The King and Queen had just given birth to their long-awaited child, a daughter, and to celebrate, they planned a feast to honour the precious princess. As they only had twelve golden plates, they invited only twelve of the thirteen Wise Women, the Fairies from the Wood. At the end of the celebration, the Wise Women offered their magic gifts to the princess, one offered virtue, another beauty, another wealth, and so on, until there was only one fairy left to give her gift. At last, the un-invited one stormed in, and in a moment of anger, cursed the child, vowing that at the age of 15 she would prick her finger on a spindle and die. The final fairy could not un-do the curse, but could minimize the harm, changing certain death to a deep sleep for a hundred years. The princess sleeps soundly on bed of roses at the center of all the drama, completely unaware of what is to come. The entangling roses, however beautiful at the feast, foreshadow the darkness that has yet to pass.

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